Rain Guards


Ever been driving along with your windows down and it begins to rain; and then the rain seems to jump inside the car and wage war on you? Were you aware that this could easily be avoided? No? Let me guess, you thought that your only option was to become a prisoner of your car.  You believed that your only option was to roll up the window and crank up the A/C, right? No.  You simply need side window deflectors or as many call them rain guards or wind deflectors.  However, you choose to refer to them, note that they will help to channel the airflow into your vehicle while reducing the noise that wind produces and shield you from rain.

In addition, you will be able to leave your windows cracked and potential thieves will be unaware of this as you reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle’s cabin.  With chrome or smoke rain guards, any car has its appearance enhanced while your driving experience increases in pleasure and safety.  The deflectors are able to permit fresh air to flow through the vehicle cabin with a decreased amount of wind noise.  This keeps the cabin cool and will eliminate the need to increase the volume of music and/or voices while driving which allows the driver to remain alert.


The Very Best Wind Deflectors In The Industry

As far as theft protection is concerned, an auto side window deflector is able to obscure windows that have left slightly ajar.  Therefore, heat can escape the vehicle while you are away and the gun glare of the sun is decreased as well.  We at AutoSmething.com pride ourselves on our ability to deliver only the very best within the industry to our customers, therefore we only supply from manufacturers that bolster the greatest reputations in regards to quality and design.    Our inventory is expressly comprised of products that are brimming with exceptionally durability, precision craftsmanship and impeccable designing.  No matter the type of vehicle that you have, AutoSomething.com is able to provide you with just the guard that is needed.

Constructed of durable ABS plastic, polycarbonate of rugged acrylic, the guards will remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.  They are available to you in a choice of either light or dark smoke tints or chrome.  Each brand that we feature host differences in regards to profiles and shapes between them and even among models within the same brand.  As you browse our wide selection, it is guaranteed that you will find a side window vent visor that is ideal for your particular make, model and year as well as individual needs.


Auto side window deflector

Whether you desire a low profile, one that is extra wide or an option that teeters the middle ground, AutoSomething.com has one just for you.  This is due to the fact that every one of the deflectors that we carry has been precisely constructed for the application which ensures a perfect fit for your car, truck or SUV.  Other than the style and finish of the deflector, you must consider how you would like it installed onto your vehicle.  They can be installed either by being taped to the car’s body or into the window channel.  Those that are installed into the window channel are equipped with a thin flange that is able to fit snuggly into the upper window channel and snaps into place.  The other method of installation requires the deflector to be attached to the door frame via tape just above the window channel.  The latter option will require a bit of test fitting in order to guarantee that the car and truck accessory has been properly positioned.

End the war between you and the elements while driving today by allowing AutoSomething.com to supply you with a durable and stylish side window vent visor.