Bug Shields

As the bugs that spatter onto your vehicle’s windshield begin to decompose, the chemicals that are released from their bodies cause etching that often cannot be removed. In addition to decayed bug carcasses, you must be wary of debris and stones that have a habit of finding their way onto your windshield and hood. The craters and small pits created within the windshield and paint of the vehicle degrading the appearance of your car. In addition, the visibility of the vehicle is decreased over time as well. Do not put yourself in harm’s way AND allow your vehicle to look older than what it is. By simply installing bug deflectors, you are easily protected from the attack of the debris and dead insects.

Additionally, the shield will deliver an amount of protection to the hood as well. It will be able to keep the hood free of dings and chips that tend to occur due to the hood coming in contact with debris that has become airborne.

Other than providing protection car, truck/SUV bug deflectors offer flair in styling that enhance the exterior aesthetic of your vehicle. AutoSomething.com is able to offer consumers with a wide selection of styles that range from the most minimal to those that extend their coverage towards the leading edges of the fenders.

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